1947 International Rat Rod Truck

Rat rods are inherently cool, with no limits to their awesomeness. The unique appeal of a rat rod lies in its undeniable coolness, making it a must-see!

On this website, we have shared numerous vehicles including hot rods, classics, muscles, trucks, and aircraft.

While not all of them can rival a rat rod, these unique machines deserve our appreciation for their unconventional beauty.


Today, we present a video featuring a rat rod. It may not have an immensely powerful engine or come with a high price tag, but this rat rod boasts a spectacularly cool appearance.

Only true rat rod enthusiasts can fully enjoy this 1947 model International Rat Rod, with its charmingly rusty yellow paintjob and new rims that create a striking contrast.

Click the play button to witness the stunning beauty of this rat rod and listen to the guy who gives us all the details! A four-minute video filled with pure fun awaits you!