1958 Plymouth Fury was featured as the star in the iconic horror movie “Christine”

If you had the opportunity to design an automobile completely from scratch and give it a unique personality, what kind of automobile would you create and what name would you give it?

In our opinion, the ideal car would have a ruby-like shine, classic lines, and a striking red paint job. We would call it “Carmen.”

However, if you imagine a self-repairing car that dispenses justice, we must let you know that such a vehicle already exists, and it is called “Christine.”


You may remember the demonic 1958 Plymouth Fury from the cult-classic horror movie “Christine,” based on Stephen King’s novel of the same name.

While King’s novel received great success and acclaim, the movie did not gain the same level of popularity. Nevertheless, Christine is a car that should never be forgotten. That is why we are sharing today’s video, which you can find on this page.

The video showcases a 1958 Plymouth Fury in all its glory. Waste no time, hit the play button, and witness the true magnificence of Christine!


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