1970 Ford Mustang Boss 302: Power and Style Combined

Have you ever admired the iconic 1970 Mustang Boss 302 and captivated yourself by its allure? The desire for more power, a touch of excitement, or perhaps a striking paint scheme may have crossed your mind.

In pursuing automotive excellence, look no further than the exceptional 1970 Mustang Boss Custom. Born from a 1970 Grabber Blue G-Code Boss 302, its authenticity verified by a Marti Report, this vintage gem underwent a profound transformation into a pro-touring masterpiece.

Every facet of this classic ‘Stang was meticulously rejuvenated, boasting an ensemble of top-tier components from renowned industry leaders.

A Powerhouse Performance: Heart-Pounding Engine Upgrades

Within this automotive marvel, no element has remained untouched, and this includes the heart of the beast – the engine. With 3V heads, Crower rods, and forged pistons, the core of this classic marvel possesses the internals to generate remarkable power. Elevating its performance, the vehicle boasts a Roush SVO intake, Mass Flow EFI, FPA Headers, and a Paxton NOVI Supercharger. These enhancements have not only elevated the torque and horsepower but have also taken them to breathtaking heights, surpassing even the original powerplant’s capabilities.

A Resilient Drive: The Robust Drivetrain

To complement this newfound power, the Boss Custom features a robust drivetrain, purpose-built to endure the vigorous demands of high horsepower. Paired with a Tremec TKO 5-Speed manual transmission and a Wilwood hydraulic clutch, the unbridled power of the V8 engine is seamlessly channeled through the Ford 9-inch rear end, equipped with 4.11 gears. This symphony of mechanical prowess ensures an exhilarating driving experience that ignites the senses.

Commanding Control: Optimal Braking Performance

With great speed comes the imperative need for exceptional braking performance. Each corner of this masterpiece boasts disc brakes, seamlessly integrated with an oversized master cylinder to deliver unparalleled stopping power. This fusion of power and control provides drivers with the confidence to navigate any road with precision and assurance.

The Art of Interior Excellence: A Timeless Aesthetic

Inside the cabin, an ebony interior sets the stage for a refined driving environment. The wood grain dash stands as a testament to classic elegance, exuding an air of sophistication. The column-mounted tachometer serves as a constant reminder to the driver that this is no ordinary Mustang. Further enhancing the driving experience, the Tremec 5-speed shifter emerges from the floor, elegantly devoid of a console, further cementing the sensation of piloting a true race car.

Unveiling the Exquisite Exterior: A Regal Presence

Cloaked in the resplendent hues of Raven Black and Gold, the Custom Boss is a veritable showstopper, commanding attention at every event it graces. Its regal presence is matched only by its street dominance, conquering asphalt with unrivaled prowess.

Embodying Excellence: The Price of Distinction

This embodiment of automotive excellence, the Boss Custom, can be yours for an investment of $74,950. A modest price to pay for a piece of motoring history that seamlessly marries power, style, and heritage.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What sets the 1970 Mustang Boss Custom apart from its counterparts?

The 1970 Mustang Boss Custom stands apart due to its meticulous transformation, incorporating a range of top-tier components for unparalleled performance.

2. How does the Boss Custom’s engine differ from the original Boss 302?

The Boss Custom’s engine boasts 3V heads, Crower rods, forged pistons, a Roush SVO intake, Mass Flow EFI, FPA Headers, and a Paxton NOVI Supercharger, resulting in remarkable torque and horsepower gains.

3. Can you elaborate on the drivetrain specifications?

Certainly, the Boss Custom features a Tremec TKO 5-Speed manual transmission, Wilwood hydraulic clutch, and a Ford 9-inch rear end with 4.11 gears, designed to handle the demands of high horsepower.

4. What braking capabilities does the Boss Custom offer?

The Boss Custom is equipped with disc brakes on all corners, paired with an oversized master cylinder, delivering exceptional stopping power.

5. How does the interior of the Boss Custom enhance the driving experience?

With an ebony interior, wood grain dash, and column-mounted tachometer, the Boss Custom offers a classic yet refined ambiance, further heightened by the Tremec 5-speed shifter rising elegantly from the floor.