A beautiful cross-eyed husky cruelly abandoned by a breeder finds a forever home

Jubilee is a unique little dog that is always shy when meeting strangers, but behind that shy appearance lies a sweet, affectionate dog who wants nothing more than to be loved for himself.

About two years ago, Jubilee was taken to a rescue shelter in New Jersey after her breeder announced that he couldn’t sell her because she “looked weird.”

Unfortunately, she was born cross-eyed and often looked “surprised” due to a congenital problem with her eyelids. However, this makes her the subject of ridicule in the past.

Jubilee has spent years of undesirable wear and tear in a shelter, unable to find a permanent home, and constantly faced misery.

However, all that changed when the rescue center, Husky House, who took care of her, got the idea of ​​sharing her sad story on Facebook.

The post, written from Jubilee’s point of view, was highly emotional with lines like “I wish I were pretty so someone would want me to be their dog” and “Anyone want a funny husky? I wish I had a family of my own who could love me even when I’m not pretty. “

It’s heartbreaking to read …

To the surprise of Husky House, the post caught the attention of many people quickly went viral, and as of today, it has been shared more than 45,000 times so far and received more than 25,000 comments, mostly from people with nothing but positive things to say about Jubilee’s Unique Looks.

The post went viral quickly and was filled with loving comments from people who expressed their love for Jubilee and a desire to adopt her.

“We were overwhelmed with the response, love, and support shown on her post,” a Husky House representative said: “We’re delighted to see that everyone feels special as we have always known her!”

They bathed Jubilee in love and affection, and many commented that she’s not ugly – she’s pretty in her way.

“She was a bit shy at first, but if you treat her to a dish, she is your best friend!” Husky House said. “She is an adorable dog and loves everyone when she warms up.”

Having been rejected countless times in the past, Jubilee tends to be a bit wary of strangers who might judge her as “weird” just because of her looks, but she’s still close as good as possible.

Jubilee’s fortunes quickly changed for the better, thanks to the relentless commitment of her rescuers. After many adoptions, she has been matchmaking with her family forever!

In an update to the original post, Husky House wrote:

“Thank you to everyone who shared Jubilee’s story. She has found her permanent home with former Husky House adopters and her new furry brethren in a beautiful new life!

We’re glad Jubilee finally had a happy ending. Now she has a wonderful family who loves her and can remind her that she’s perfect in her way and that she will always be beautiful to them.

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