A Blind Elephant’s Joyful Homecoming: Rescued from Circus, Embraced by New Herd at Sanctuary

Witness the touching moment as a rescued elephant, formerly subjected to a life in the circus, is warmly welcomed by a new herd at the Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Meet рɩoу Thong, a 30-year-old elephant who, despite being completely blind, has found solace after enduring over 16 years of carrying people on her back through the streets of Thailand.

Rescued by the Save Elephant Foundation’s dedicated volunteers, she has joined a sanctuary where a transformative chapter awaits.


Having once been part of a circus, рɩoу Thong’s arrival at the Elephant Nature Park signaled the beginning of a new life.

Dedicated volunteers emitted low vibrations to inform the resident herd about her presence.

In a heartwarming scene, the herd eagerly rushed to welcome their new member, marking a highly emotional reunion.


Blind in both eyes, рɩoу Thong had previously navigated the streets daily, carrying tourists on her back. Her trunk guided her as she endured the routine from sunrise to sunset.

However, her journey to freedom has begun, and her arrival at the sanctuary paints a heartwarming beginning to her new chapter.

The enthusiastic rush of the herd to welcome her vividly illustrates the sensitivity of these remarkable creatures.


From her initial moments in Chiang Mai, it was clear that she would be cherished and safeguarded for the rest of her life.


Elephants, known for their intelligence, strong family bonds, and intricate social structures, have exceptional memories that span years.

Existing within a dynamic fission-fusion society, their relationships extend from mother-offspring bonds to families, bond groups, clans, independent males, and strangers.


This heartwarming reunion highlights the resilience of рɩoу Thong. It is a testament to the compassionate work of organizations like the Save Elephant Foundation in providing these majestic animals with a second chance at a fulfilling life.

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