A cheeky baby elephant tries to wake up his sleeping brother to play with him

This is the adorable moment a baby elephant tries his best to wake up his sleeping brother.

The cute scene took place in Kruger National Park in South Africa, filmed by a tourist on a safari.

In the past, scientists have found that African elephants have four distinct personality traits, including a playful personality, which can be seen here.

Seeing elephants lying flat on one side is a rare sight, and mostly baby elephants like to enjoy a rest on their sides.

The baby elephant, wanting to play, didn’t let his older brother enjoy a nap in the morning sun.

The baby elephant continued to climb on top of him with its front legs.

The young African elephant relentlessly harasses his older brother to wake up

The older elephants caves in and looked dazed and confused as his older brother continued to harass.

The sleepy brother still wouldn’t get up, and his younger brother started pushing and shoving him more violently, adamant that he should play with him.

Suddenly his sleepy brother decided that was enough and quickly jumped up, looking confused with the situation.

The older elephant caves in and looks dazed and confused as his brother continues to pester

The clip was shot on safari in Kruger National Park and is the polar opposite of what some people see when touring the wilderness.

Last month, a group of tourists were horrified to see mother nature boasts as a hungry lion brutally killed a lone water buffalo.