A guy built a cute mini picnic table for squirrels in his backyard

Rick Kalinowski is a creative squirrel lover who made headlines after creating a small eating spot for local squirrels.

Rick just wanted a way to show his love for all the squirrels that call his backyard.

So he found some wood and designed a mini picnic table for them to enjoy their food; he nailed it to his fence.

Once finished, he even laid out a spread of nuts to attract the squirrels to the tiny picnic table.

It wasn’t long before the first guest arrived, intrigued by the food but still staying on the bench. I think it’s probably safe to say that the squirrel loved it!

The squirrels now visit the table twice a day to find their food and relax on the picnic bench, just like a human.

“I really believe they loved it,” Kalinowski said.

Not only is it a great table for the squirrels, but Rick also placed it right outside the window where he drinks his morning coffee, so he and the squirrel can share a moment together.

“I appreciate them, and they appreciate me,” Kalinowski said.

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