A Heartwarming Rescue: Saving a Young Elephant in Distress at Meru National Park

In the vast expanse of Meru National Park, a routine patrol led our dedicated wildlife conservation team to a poignant discovery.

A juvenile elephant, part of a larger herd, showed signs of distress.

Image 1584

The young elephant exhibited lameness in its right hind leg, drawing attention to swelling and pus discharge below the knee joint.


Undeterred by the challenge, our team sprang into action. Prioritizing the calf’s safety and our team, we immobilized the mother first.

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Etorphine hydrochloride induced a safe and controlled sedation, allowing us to gently chase away the herd, creating a safe distance to focus on the ailing calf.

With carefully applied ropes, the juvenile elephant was physically restrained for a thorough examination, revealing an open abscess distal to the right stifle joint.


Understanding the severity of the situation, our dedicated wildlife veterinarians implemented a comprehensive treatment plan.

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The initial step involved lavage of the wound using hydrogen peroxide to clean the affected area effectively.

Povidone iodine, known for its antiseptic properties, was then applied to promote healing. A delicate layer of green clay was administered to further aid in the recovery process.


Recognizing the importance of systemic treatment, the elephant calf received parenteral antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs to combat infection and reduce inflammation.

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Our team maintained a vigilant eye on the calf’s well-being throughout the procedure, ensuring every measure was taken to alleviate its suffering.

As the anesthesia began to wear off and signs of recovery emerged in the mother elephant, the calf was gently released from its physical restraints.


A heartwarming reunion followed as the calf and mother reunited with the rest of the herd.

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This successful intervention showcases the dedication and expertise of our wildlife conservation team. It emphasizes the critical role that humane and prompt veterinary care plays in preserving the well-being of these majestic creatures.

Our commitment to protecting and conserving wildlife remains unwavering as we strive to ensure the harmonious coexistence of humans and animals in the breathtaking landscapes of Meru National Park.

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