A Heartwarming Tale of Resilience: Orphaned Elephant Calf Finds New Hope and Home

In a distant wilderness, vigilant rangers stumbled upon a poignant scene during their late afternoon patrol: a solitary young elephant abandoned by its herd.

Distressed by the sight, the rangers swiftly alerted the Vet Unit, setting a race against time to rescue the vulnerable calf before nightfall.

Navigating rough terrain, the rescue team reached the stranded baby after a bumpy twenty-minute drive.


With the evening approaching, a rapid rescue plan unfolded. The calf, swathed in a towel to preserve warmth, eagerly awaited the necessary assistance.

The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (DSWT) CEO was quickly contacted for potential aerial support and guidance.

Despite signs of hunger and dehydration, the calf was comforted with two liters of bottled water administered through a suckling bottle.


With nightfall imminent, a decision was made to retrieve the calf the following morning using the DSWT helicopter.

In the meantime, the baby found temporary shelter at Amboseli Park Headquarters under the watchful eyes of a dedicated veterinary team.

Careful coordination between the chopper pilot and the vet ensured a safe and early pick-up the following day.


At dawn, the helicopter touched down at Amboseli Headquarters football field. The calf, remarkably unharmed and resilient, was swiftly loaded for the one-hour journey to the DSWT Nursery in Nairobi.


Onlookers witnessed the chopper gracefully ascending into the sky while maintaining a safe distance per the pilot’s instructions.

Fifty-seven minutes later, a reassuring call confirmed the baby’s safe arrival at the nursery. Amboseli bid farewell, wishing the calf good luck on its promising journey.


Given the seamless rescue operation and the calf’s robust health, a favorable prognosis emerged, fostering hope for a bright future for this resilient young elephant at the DSWT orphanage.

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