A huge herd of elephants stuck together while run from danger

A huge herd of elephants has been filmed sticking together as they instinctively from danger.

The group of 45 elephants showed solidarity when they were together despite moving in large numbers.

Jacques Joubert, 55, and Michelle Broadhurst, 49, run Wings2Tusks and spend a lot of time in Kruger National Park, where they shot this incredible footage from a bridge.

Michelle said: ‘They went down to the river to drink water. There were some kudus and impalas grazing as well.

“There was a rumbling that suggested a signal from a member of the bond group, and suddenly they all started running without making a sound until they reached the riverbank.

“At first, we thought there might be lions nearby, but kudu and impala graze peacefully.

“This was our first time experiencing this, and without knowing what just happened, maybe the river is the boundary of the territory.

“This is an interconnected herd of three to five families.

“When more than one affiliated group gathers, they form a clan of elephants.”

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