A Humorous Tussle Over a Mattress: Elephant Vs. Human

An entertaining encounter between a baby elephant and its carer has captured the attention of internet users worldwide, demonstrating the strong bond that can exist between humans and animals. The video, which went viral on social media, showcases a unique compromise over a mattress.

Dr. Samrat Gowda, an Indian Forest Officer renowned for posting uplifting animal content, shared the clip via his Twitter account. Within a short span, the video garnered over 150,000 views.

The footage opens with the young elephant wrestling to scale a fence. Elephants are naturally bulky and cannot jump, so it is quite challenging for the little creature.


But once it triumphs over the obstacle, its focus immediately shifts to the mattress, where the zookeeper comfortably lounges.

Image 96

Unabashed, the elephant initiates an attempt to remove the “sleeping” carer off the mattress. The keeper, playing along, attempts to share the mattress with the massive animal but is eventually nudged off.

Undeterred, the zookeeper promptly reclaims his position on the mattress, sending the surprised elephant tumbling into a pile of leaves nearby.


Ultimately, a peaceful resolution emerges, with the man deciding to share the mattress with the elephant.

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The endearing scene concludes with the two snuggling together, the zookeeper holding the elephant in a warm embrace.

Netizens were charmed by this delightful display of human-animal camaraderie. One user was delighted, commenting, “This is the sweetest thing ever.” Another added a humorous twist, jesting about the zookeeper’s a close call: “Lucky she didn’t sit on him.”

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