A Majestic Bull’s Triumph: Defying Adversity in the Face of Recurring Fibroma

In the intricate tapestry of an elephant’s life, one young bull stands as a symbol of resilience, facing a persistent foe in the form of a fibroma on his left heel.

Despite this recurring challenge, the majestic creature remains a beacon of strength, navigating a journey marked by occasional setbacks.

Image 1897

Recently, the bull encountered a new chapter in his ongoing battle. The benign yet troublesome fibroma led to maggot infestations and sepsis, introducing unwelcome companions on his path.


Remarkably, the bull’s overall health and mobility persisted, revealing glimpses of a quality life that transcended the tribulations.

Image 1898

The treatment saga faced a unique hurdle in its third iteration as the bull proved elusive to traditional approaches.

A shift in strategy unfolded, with a delicate dance orchestrated from a helicopter, ensuring the safety of the patient and caretaker.


Under 15 milligrams of etorphine hydrochloride, the bull assumed left lateral recumbency within seven minutes, revealing a maggot-infested septic wound on his right heel.

Image 1899

With precision and care, a transformative healing ritual ensued. The wound underwent cleansing with copious amounts of water while meticulous manual removal of maggots took center stage.

Debridement, assisted by the gentle touch of hydrogen peroxide, paved the way for a pristine canvas disinfected with the reassuring touch of tincture of iodine. Green clay, a natural ally in healing, became the fortress against future afflictions.


The therapeutic symphony continued with a trio of interventions—parenteral administration of amoxicillin antibiotics, flunixin meglumine anti-inflammatory, and ivermectin parasiticide—strategically orchestrated to deter the specter of maggot re-infestation.

Image 1900

As the final note in this ballet, 42 milligrams of diprenorphine hydrochloride awakened the bull from his tranquil repose.

Within three minutes, he rose, embodying the resilience that defines his journey.


Metastasis remained an improbable specter, offering a glimmer of relief in medical intricacies.

Image 1901

While complete recovery remained an elusive dream due to the recurring fibroma, the treatments provided the bull with precious interludes of respite.

Though a perennial companion, the wounds healed, and the fibroma became a distant concern unless stirred by the forces of abrasion and maggot infestation.


In the heart of this benevolent battle, the young bull strides forward, with each treatment not just a medical intervention but a testament to the commitment to afford him a life of enduring quality.

Image 1902

His body condition, a beacon of fortitude, continues to narrate a story of resilience, embodying the undying spirit of a creature that refuses to be defined by adversity.

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