A man hung the Tetherball in the middle of the forest to see what happened and the video went viral

Who knew that rams loved tetherball?


Back in 2015, a now-famous ram named Rambo knocked and entered our hearts. It all started with a rope, a hidden camera, and a tetherball. What happened next was simply internet gold.

With over 18 million views and continues to increase, there’s something iconic about this simple yet wildly entertaining video.


You can see Rambro’s owner hanging a rope with a tetherball attached to it in the famous video. You can also see him mo.unting hidden cameras in various locations to hopefully catch some action. And boy did he catch some action.


It’s hard to say what the sheep will do when they encounter tetherball, but we can’t wait to find out.

Rambro immediately stopped to investigate the mysterious object on the road.
It may seem harmless but can be a threat. It seems like a good idea to give the object a little push.



The sheep seemed a bit annoyed by Rambro’s interest in the tetherball.

This is too good for Rambro just to ignore. It was almost calling him, taunting him to let it go. And that’s exactly what he does. With a push, the game will begin.


As the sheep continue to patiently wait for Rambro, he is having some serious fun.


Rambro hit the ball as hard as he could, and he quickly realized that it wouldn’t go too far. The ball flew back only to hit him in the head. It is safe to say that the sheep are trying to hide their amusement.

Time to teach this ball a lesson.

Rambro’s adrenaline helps him play better, and his body rushes towards the ball. He would surely defeat this curvaceous creature that challenged his speed and a.gility. He’s the boss here, and everyone needs to know that…especially this weird intruder.


The sheep are now rolling their eyes.

The ball is hit to the right, to the left, up and around. Rambro seems to be having too much fun or going crazy as he tries to crush the ball.

Rambro is world-famous, and even after his de.ath, he is still a legend.


Fans around the globe who watched Rambro’s YouTube success story will never forget this gentle brute. With his sweet yet stubborn personality, he delighted viewers and made them laugh.

Rambro’s duel with a motorcycle is one of his best moments.

In one of the YouTube videos, Rambro confronts a motorcycle. As you can see, Rambro won. Don’t underestimate the perseverance behind those adorable eyes.



Rambro’s legacy lives on thanks to his grandson, Rambro Jr.

While it’s sad to say goodbye to Rambro, we take great comfort in knowing that his children and grandchildren will follow in his footsteps. We can’t wait to see what happens to this little guy when he gets out. He can even be seen with a tetherball hanging from a tree in honor of his grandfather.

Watch the hilarious video of Rambro and his tetherball battle in the video below!


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