A mother elephant spends 11 hours trying to pull her baby free from muddy well

This is the heart-stopping moment when a mother elephant attempted to rescue her calf from a well, remaining there for 11 hours. The mother refused to leave her baby, first using her trunk and then her feet to try to pull her precious baby to safety.

Unfortunately, the frantic mother elephant made matters worse by accidentally pushing more mud into the well and nearly smothering the baby, which was trapped between 9. pm and 8. am the following morning.

Tugging: A mum frantically tried to get her baby out of a muddy well, after it fell in and became stuck

Help: Villagers from a nearby village in the Chatra district of India come to the young elephant’s aid by removing soil at the top of the well

But fortunately, the little elephant was finally freed when people living near Chatra district, India, where the incident happened, rushed to the scene after hearing a pitiful cry.

The kind villagers stopped the mother and took the time to remove some soil to prevent her from grabbing the calf.

Muddy: The baby elephant was caked in mud for 11 hours during the drama. Its mother refused to leave its side during the time as she frantically tried to pull her out, while villagers gathered in the background to watch

Jitendra Tiwari, who filmed the drama and participated in the rescue, said: ‘We cut down a few trucks of bananas and put it near the well so that the mother elephant could move somewhere else.

“The plan worked, and we took the time to remove the sand that was deposited near the well, making it difficult for her to rescue the baby.”

The mother then wrapped her trunk tightly around the baby’s slippery, muddy body and pulled her out.

The duo was later seen entwined and happily walking side-by-side as they continued their journey.

Free: Mother and baby walk alongside after the calf is pulled to safety

A hug from mum: The pair are happy to be reunited after the little elephant’s 11 hours trial