A Mother’s Heartache: Elephant Mom’s Desperate Attempt to Awaken Unconscious Calf at Kenyan Sanctuary

A shocking event unfolded at the Olaro Motorogi Conservancy in Southwestern Kenya, leaving sanctuary workers emotionally distressed.

One of their beloved baby elephants was entangled in a poacher’s snare, set with the sinister intent of procuring the elephants’ valuable tusks.

Upon discovering the terrified two-year-old elephant, the conservancy workers promptly sought assistance.


The medical team administered a sedative to safely address the calf’s wounded leg, causing the young elephant to lose consciousness.

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This, however, triggered the maternal instincts of the mother elephant, who was already fraught with concern over her offspring’s predicament. The sight of her baby collapsing sent waves of fear through her.

A heartrending video captures the distraught mother elephant frantically trying to rouse her unconscious baby.


The young one crumples despite her earnest efforts to lift the calf using her legs. Her anxiety escalates as she stamps her feet and emits distressing cries, making it even more perilous for the veterinarians to approach the calf.

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Ultimately, the only solution was sedating the mother elephant, allowing the vets to attend to the injured baby properly. Thankfully, they confirmed the snare wound wasn’t severely damaging.

It’s a relief that this nerve-wracking incident didn’t culminate in a tragic ending for the mother and calf. Meanwhile, the hope is that the ruthless poachers will face justice for their heinous acts.

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