A Mother’s Inspiring Journey: A Resilient Elephant’s Road to Recovery

In the heart of the Loisaba Wildlife Conservancy, a mother elephant and her one-and-a-half-year-old calf embarked on a challenging journey, igniting renewed hope for their well-being.

These majestic creatures, part of a more prominent elephant family, were found in a weakened state, with the mother exhibiting signs of distress, limping due to a noticeably swollen right front leg.

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Despite previous treatments, her condition hadn’t improved, prompting a fresh round of care and healing.


The task ahead was formidable as the elephants had taken refuge in dense, bushy terrain.

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After dedicated tracking efforts, the team made the tough decision to immobilize the mother elephant for her safety and the success of her treatment.

They used a 3ml Dan-inject dart to administer 15mgs of etorphine Hcl from a vehicle.


It took approximately 8 minutes for the elephant to succumb to the effects of the anesthesia. At the same time, the rest of her family moved away, leaving her calf as a steadfast witness to her healing journey.

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A comprehensive examination revealed that the mother’s left front leg was still swollen, attributed to a dislocation at the elbow joint. Fortunately, no external wounds or injuries were observed.

The team carefully assessed the swollen leg, confirming the dislocation’s origin, believed to have occurred during mating or a possible accidental fall from a cliff.


To kickstart the healing process, the elephant received Vitamin B12 and Calcium (Calciject®).

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These treatments were followed by intramuscular injections of Dexamethasone and Betamox® antibiotics to alleviate pain in the affected joint and address potential internal infections, ensuring the mother’s comfort as she embarked on her path to recovery.

Post-treatment, the elephant was gently revived from anesthesia with a 48 mg dose of diprenorphine Hcl, administered intravenously through the superficial ear vein. As she rose, her faithful calf rejoined her.


With significant improvement and maintaining good body condition, her prognosis for recovery was promising.

With renewed strength and the determination to protect her calf, this mother elephant exemplified the resilience and courage of these remarkable creatures on her healing journey.

This heartwarming story highlights the compassionate efforts of those dedicated to wildlife well-being. It reminds us of our unwavering commitment to support and protect the magnificent animals that share our world.


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