A Mother’s Love: Watch this Elephant Assist Her Calf Over a Roadside Barrier!

In a touching display of a mother’s unwavering love, an elephant was caught on camera aiding her young calf in overcoming a concrete barrier on the road in India to reunite with their herd.

The captivating video, recorded on July 1 in Gudalur, Nilgiris, Tamil Nadu, opens with the mother elephant deftly navigating the road and scaling the barrier herself. Shortly after, a second elephant also manages to cross the obstacle quickly.

However, the family’s youngest member, a small calf, finds the challenge more daunting. Despite its best efforts to hoist its front legs onto the barrier, the calf’s height proves insufficient. The calf explores alternative routes around the wall in its quest to reach its family.


Staying ever vigilant, the mother elephant is never too far away from her struggling offspring. Sensing its struggle, she springs into action, returning over the barrier to aid her calf.

The mother elephant uses her trunk to hoist the youngest of the herd over the barrier in Gudalur, Nilgiris, Tamil Nadu, in southern India on July 1. Source: Newslions Media Network
The youngest elephant put its front legs on the barrier but couldn’t reach to get over. Source: Newslions Media Network

She positions herself atop the barrier and extends her trunk to gently nudge the calf’s hindquarters, helping to lift it over the obstacle.

Two of the elephants made it over the barrier, but the youngest couldn’t get over by itself. Source: Newslions Media Network

Local sources reported that traffic was halted during this incident, ensuring the safe passage of the elephant family.


The mother elephant’s tender care deeply moved eyewitnesses for her calf, and her determination to keep her family together was widely appreciated.

The mother elephant climbed back over the barrier to help the calf to join its family. Source: Newslions Media Network
The small elephant put its front legs on the barrier again, and the mother used her trunk to help it over the fence. Source: Newslions Media Network