A Tale of Resilience: Elephant’s X-ray Reveals Years of Suffering

Mae Mai, a 30-year-old elephant, has endured a life marked by injuries and hardship. Previously a logging elephant, she suffered a leg injury in an accident, leaving her with visible signs of distress. Discovered by the river, Mae Mai appeared prematurely aged and resigned to her fate.

Our founder negotiated with her former owner to secure her a place at Elephant Nature Park, where she could receive the necessary treatment and care.

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On January 8, 2021, too weak to be transported by truck, Mae Mai made a poignant journey to her new home along the river.


Upon arrival at Elephant Nature Park, Dr. Tom Channarong Srisa-ard and his team promptly began attending to Mae Mai.

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Despite her injured leg, Mae Mai bravely walked into her permanent home at the park. In just a few days of being in quarantine, she showed remarkable signs of relaxation, emphasizing the importance of her recovery.

With an insatiable appetite, she consumed her meals as if savoring them for the first time, establishing a positive routine of eating, sleeping, and repeating.


On January 10, 2021, Mae Mai was introduced to the hydrotherapy pool, a pivotal moment in her rehabilitation.

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She entered the pool without hesitation with surprising trust in humans, demonstrating her resilience and determination to embrace life. Her joyful experiences in the pool became a testament to her newfound well-being.

Like DaLah’s spirit at the pool, Mae Mai proved herself to be a fighter who refused to surrender.


An X-ray of Mae Mai’s leg revealed severe injuries, including cranial dislocation, joint tearing, tibia fracture, and soft tissue swelling.

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Dr. Tom devised a comprehensive treatment plan involving walking restriction, pool therapy, joint support, pain management, nutritional supplements, wound care, and vitamins.

Under supervision, Mae Mai gained weight and exhibited a content and healthier demeanor.


Despite initial challenges, she now freely roams Elephant Nature Park, thanks to the support of Khun Tor Supida.

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Establishing companionship with Mae Sri, Mae Mai enjoys a serene life as a permanent resident, receiving meticulous care.

A remarkable development is that she navigates without pain, aided by bionic braces. Your support can contribute to the ongoing essential work carried out by Elephant Nature Park.

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