A Tale of Trust: The Man Who Saved a Herd of Elephants and Forged a Bond Between Giants and Humans

In a remarkable story of resilience and hope, a man named Lawrence Anthony managed to save a herd of rogue elephants from being killed and went on to establish a unique bond with them.

This tale of trust and friendship between humans and the majestic creatures is detailed in the new book, “The Elephant Whisperer.”

Lawrence Anthony, a 59-year-old conservationist who grew up surrounded by nature, was approached by an elephant welfare organization to adopt a problematic herd of elephants.


These elephants, notorious for breaking out of reserves and causing trouble, were on the brink of being shot. Despite having a barely operational reserve, Anthony agreed to take on the challenge.

Image 10
Amazing relationship: Lawrence with the elephant herd matriarch, Nana. Source: Daily Mail

After upgrading the 5,000-acre Thula Thula reserve in South Africa with 20 miles of electrified fencing and a sturdy enclosure, Lawrence welcomed the elephants. However, the situation quickly escalated when the elephants, led by the matriarch named Nana, broke out of the enclosure and had to be sedated and returned.

Determined to prevent further breakouts, Lawrence decided to live with the herd, getting to know them by observing, feeding, and talking to them. Alongside his head ranger, David, they kept watch from a Land Rover near the enclosure.


One night, in a life-or-death confrontation, Lawrence managed to establish a momentary connection with Nana, convincing her not to break out of the enclosure.

Image 11
Freedom bid: When the elephants escaped, they had to be darted with sedatives before being brought back to the newly-reinforced enclosure. Source: Daily Mail

Although the aggression and tension remained, Lawrence continued to make his presence known, speaking loudly and even singing near the fence.

Over time, Nana began to trust Lawrence, eventually reaching out to him with her trunk and touching him gently.


Realizing their bond had changed, Lawrence decided to release the elephants into the reserve, where they explored the boundaries and began to accept their new home.

Image 12
Frankie with her young: Lawrence lived with the elephant herd to bond with them. Source: Daily Mail

The story of Lawrence Anthony and the herd of rogue elephants serves as a powerful reminder of the potential for trust and understanding between humans and animals, even under the most challenging circumstances.

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