A viral video shows Baby elephant plays all by himself in forest

The video of a baby elephant playing by himself in the forest went viral on social networks. Don’t miss the message.

Do you like videos about baby elephants? If yes, we found a short clip on Twitter that is not only super cute but also sends a strong message that you must remember in the wake of the Co.ronavi.rus crisis.

Susanta Nanda of the Indian Forest Service shared a short clip of a baby elephant playing by himself in a forest with a pile of hay. No other animals were found in the vicinity as the calf enjoyed every moment.

What’s the message here? You’ll see that in Susanta Nanda’s caption when he says, “Stay away, play big and alone. Break the chain of the co.rona. ”

That’s right because India recorded a spike with more than 3,800,000 co.ronavi.rus infections and more than 3,000 vi.rus-related deaths on Friday. With 386,452 new cases recorded on Friday, India’s statistics have now risen to 1,87.62,976, the highest since the beginning of the pandemic.

It is therefore imperative that you stay home to stop the spread of the deadly vi.rus. Only step outside if necessary, and don’t forget to wear a mask and usually sanitize your hands.

Watch the video below:

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