Adorable Baby Elephant Bonds Playfully with Model at Thai Sanctuary – Heartwarming Video!

In a heartwarming display of animal-human interaction, model Megan Milan enjoyed playful moments with a three-week-old baby elephant while visiting Thailand’s Chia Lai Orchid Sanctuary.

The sanctuary in Chiang Mai is dedicated to rescuing and protecting elephants.

Watch the video at the end.


Megan Milan, a model from the United States, captured a memorable encounter with the young elephant and shared it on her Instagram account.

The endearing video quickly gained widespread attention and showcased the baby elephant’s vitality as it playfully engaged with Megan.

The videos, posted on June 17 and June 19, depict the affectionate elephant nudging Megan to the ground and then cuddling her with evident delight.


Despite the playful roughness, Megan’s demeanor remains joyful and unafraid throughout the interaction.

The baby elephant repeatedly approaches Megan during the heartening scenes, playfully tugging at her skirt.

The skirt ultimately gets torn, yet Megan’s laughter demonstrates her delight in the encounter.


Amid the playful exchange, a fully grown elephant from the herd steps in, seemingly protective of Megan. In the caption of the first video, Megan humorously notes, “Big sis had to come snap on him for playing too much lol.”

Responding to concerned users who inquired about her well-being, Megan reassured them that she was not injured.

She emphasized that the interaction was all in good fun and highlighted the tender age of the baby elephant, being just three weeks old.


Megan shared her perspective on the encounter, stating, “I’m used to being around elephants, but I had never been around one so young; he’s only three weeks old.

So I asked to see him. He was definitely a little heavy and robust,” as reported by the Independent.

The heartening video serves as a reminder of the remarkable connections that can be formed between humans and animals, transcending boundaries and bringing moments of pure joy.


The viral video has touched viewers’ hearts worldwide, showcasing the innate beauty of interspecies connections.

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