Adorable Baby Elephant Chases Birds and Runs Back to Mom After a Tumble

Have you ever chased birds as a child, finding joy in the playful pursuit? It seems that humans aren’t the only species that love this pastime.

A baby elephant at the BorΓ₯s Zoo in southern Sweden was captured on video chasing guinea fowl, proving that elephants, too, can find delight in such activities.

Elephants are known for their emotional and expressive nature; this little one is no exception. As the baby elephant runs around trying to catch the fast-moving birds, it’s having a blast.


Despite its determination, the baby elephant slips and falls during the chase. Undeterred, it gets back up and resumes the pursuit.

The mother elephant, observing from a safe distance, rushes over to ensure her baby is alright after the fall. Seemingly embarrassed, the baby elephant takes refuge under its mother’s trunk.

Perhaps the little one was simply tired from all the excitement, or maybe it just needed comfort from its mom after the tumble. Regardless, this heartwarming scene highlights just how amazing elephants genuinely are.


Don’t miss the adorable video of the baby elephant’s bird-chasing adventure below. We at Happiest always appreciate your thoughts and opinions, so feel free to share your reactions to the story in the comment section.

Watch the video below:

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