Adorable Baby Elephant Rescued from Army Reservoir Tank After Cooling Off

In West Bengal, India, a baby elephant’s attempt to beat the scorching heat took an unexpected turn when it got trapped in an army reservoir tank.

The little elephant had decided to take a refreshing dip in the reservoir tank at the Bengdubi army quarters, about 15 miles from Siliguri city. However, after enjoying its time splashing around, the young pachyderm could not climb out of the tank.

The young elephant had been crossing the army quarters with his herd in west Bengal when he became stuck in a reservoir water tank

Thankfully, the situation caught the attention of some vigilant soldiers from the 16 Field Ammunition Depot, who quickly came to the rescue. Alongside them, the elephant squad of Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary also joined in to assist in the rescue mission.


Without hesitation, the compassionate soldiers used a digger to break open the tank’s wall, creating a safe and wider exit for the stranded baby elephant.

He soon became stuck and found himself being approached by Indian army soldiers on a digger

The clever operation allowed the adorable elephant to easily walk out of the reservoir tank, rejoining its worried herd in the wilderness.

This heartwarming rescue operation highlights the efforts of the army personnel and the wildlife sanctuary team to ensure the safety of the region’s precious wildlife.


It serves as a reminder of the importance of harmonizing with the diverse creatures that share our environment.

Members of the 16 Field Ammunition Depot were called into action with staff from the elephant squad of Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary

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