Adorable Baby Elephant Tumbles and Struggles in Botswana Waterhole – A Must-See Moment!

A heartwarming scene unfolded at the Mashatu Game Reserve in Botswana as a baby elephant stumbled while learning to use its trunk, delighting wildlife enthusiasts. Photographer and guide Janet Kleyn, 53, captured the endearing moment on camera.

The video reveals the young elephant attempting to regain balance after slipping in the mud at the waterhole.

Kleyn said the calf was too inexperienced in using its trunk, leading to its playful tumble properly.


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Photographer and guide Janet Kleyn, 53, captured the elephant (pictured) fall at the Mashatu Game Reserve in Botswana. Source: Janet Kleyn/Caters News

Despite the calf’s determined efforts to stand up, it continuously rolled back into the mud, adding to the amusement of the situation.

Finally, with the herd preparing to leave, the little elephant managed to clamber to its feet and rejoin its family.


Mashatu Game Reserve, located within Botswana’s Northern Tuli Game Reserve, borders Zimbabwe’s Tuli Safari Area and South Africa’s Mapungubwe National Park, a World Heritage Site.

The calf tried to roll up onto its feet but kept failing and ended up falling back, almost in exacerbation in the hilarious clip. Source: Janet Kleyn/Caters News

The reserve’s website highlights its unique photographic hides, which offer thrilling encounters with the remarkable wildlife found at Mashatu for both professional photographers and wildlife enthusiasts alike.

Watch the video below: