Adorable Baby Elephants Struggle to Keep Up with Herd, Get Stuck in Mud and Watering Hole Twice!

In South Africa, a group of baby elephants discovered the challenges of being the smallest members of their herd.

Captured on video by an Etali Safari Lodge worker in the Madikwe Game Reserve, the young elephants can be seen trying to navigate through mud and a watering hole to stay with their family.

The 28-year-old filmer, Kristoff Potgieter, couldn’t resist sharing the endearing footage of the tiny elephants attempting to keep up with the rest of the group. He focused on three baby elephants that seemed to be getting into mischief.


After patiently waiting for an adult to begin crossing a muddy bank, the three baby elephants embarked on their journey across the obstacle. However, they quickly got stuck, causing a slight traffic jam for the other elephants.

Image 191
The filmmaker said: ‘For our guests, it was one of the best sightings amongst the many memorable things they saw during their trip.’ Source: Daily Mail

With some effort, one of the babies managed to break free and reach the watering hole while the other two struggled.

Eventually, they managed to free themselves; one ran off to join the herd, but the other dove straight into the watering hole.


Attempting to leave the watering hole, the last baby elephant faced another challenge as it tried to climb the bank.

Image 192
Filmmaker Kristoff Potgieter focuses on the trio of young elephants from the start of the video. Source: Daily Mail
Image 193
Source: Daily Mail

Although it managed to get its front feet on solid ground, it had difficulty pulling itself up. After a few determined attempts, the young elephant finally succeeded and returned to its family.

Kristoff mentioned that many guests witnessed the adorable spectacle. He said, “Watching cute baby elephants is one thing I never tire of.


For our guests, it was one of the best sightings amongst the many memorable things they saw during their trip.”

Image 194
The three baby elephants stick together at the start of the clip and run ahead of the herd. Source: Daily Mail
Image 195
The troublesome trio! The three elephants appear together at the start of the clip before the mud splits them up. Source: Daily Mail
Image 196
The three elephants wait for the adults to begin crossing the mud before making their own way across. Source: Daily Mail
Image 197
The three baby elephants become stuck in exactly the same place in the thick mud. Source: Daily Mail
Image 198
The young mammals can be seen struggling to pull themselves free from the heavy mud. Source: Daily Mail
Image 199
The young elephants were captured on video at the Madikwe Game Reserve in South Africa. Source: Daily Mail
Image 200
The three youngsters create a bit of a roadblock as other elephants attempt to get around them. Source: Daily Mail
Image 201
One elephant decides to head straight into the watering hole while the others stand around it and drink. Source: Daily Mail

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