Adorable Baby Polar Bear Becomes Internet Sensation

Siku, the charming baby polar bear, has become an online sensation after a video capturing his delightful reaction to being tickled by keepers went viral.

Despite his furry and undeniably cute appearance, Siku proves that even the most adorable creatures shouldn’t get away with being rude.

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Siku is being hand-reared in Denmark after his mother failed to produce milk to feed him

The heartwarming video, released on the internet just before Christmas, quickly garnered thousands of fans captivated by Siku’s stretches and wriggles of pure joy.


Basking in his newfound fame, the little cub effortlessly embraces his superstar status as he poses for the camera.

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Siku is being hand-reared in Denmark after his mother failed to produce milk to feed him

Siku, named after the Inuit word for ‘ice,’ is being hand-reared at the Scandinavian Wildlife Park in Denmark. Due to his mother’s inability to produce enough milk to feed him, the park’s dedicated staff have cared for him until he reaches one year of age.

Despite his early challenges, Siku’s endearing personality and adorable antics have won people’s hearts worldwide.


This charming polar bear cub continues to bring joy and delight to all who follow his journey.

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Siku, which means ‘Sea ice’ in Greenlandic, takes a nap after being born last month
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Tiny Siku has paws in the air as he’s lying on a table
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Siku the polar bear cub has his eyes squeezed shut at the Scandinavian Wildlife Park, Denmark
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The cub will have to be looked after for a year by a team of three carers because his mother was unable to produce enough milk to feed him
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The tiny animal grips one of his carer’s fingers. Footage of him enjoying a back rub has made him an internet star

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