Adorable elephant calf takes a tumble as he tries to jump into the dirt

Every youngster loves nothing more than playing in the dirt – even this baby elephant.

When he tried to approach the enticing dust at the bottom of a dip, his wobbly legs gave way, and he tumbled.

The calf was completely unharmed and unmolested, getting back up without displaying a sign of concern.

Kevin Dooley, a tour guide in South Africa’s Madikwe game reserve, captured the moment on camera as he led a group of tourists through the region.

‘He added: “A young elephant decided to have a dust bath in the crimson, iron-rich soil. I saw him attempting to work out how to get the dirt with his foot back and forth, trying to touch the ground. But he could not take a step down and fell.

‘The elephant was not in.jur.ied in any way. He had a great time just like a young kid would. I adore photos of animals that tell a story and show what remarkable things these creatures do in the wild.’

Thousands of people visit the reserve each year, including Barack and Michelle Obama, as well as musicians Beyoncé and Jay-Z.