VIDEO the adorable elephant causes a splash when he goes into the water

The two baby elephants began with a play fight, but when things got tough, one of the baby elephants decided to take a dip.

The baby elephant leapt forward happily into the stream, but just a few steps he seemed to trip and disappeared beneath the water with a splash.

Elize Malan, 59, filmed the scene with her husband as they watched the baby elephant play.

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The video was shot in Kruger National Park – where Eliza is working as a Travel and Tour Manager.

She said: “Two baby bulls were drinking water when they started to play fight, the one decided that it was very hot and had to take a bath to cool off.

“He ran and fell into the water. The other one followed him and the play continued.

“I’ve never seen anything like this before – not the way he got into the water.

“I laughed at myself and I posted it on facebook and people loved it.”

Watch the video below: