Adorable Mini Picnic Table for Squirrels Captures the Heart of a Backyard Enthusiast

In a heartwarming gesture of love for the squirrels in his backyard, Rick Kalinowski, a squirrel enthusiast, has gained attention for creating a delightful miniature picnic table.

Through his ingenuity and passion, Rick sought to provide a unique space for the squirrels that inhabit his yard.

Rick meticulously designed and crafted a tiny picnic table using wood he found, which he then affixed to his fence. He adorned the table with various nuts to entice the squirrels, carefully arranging them as a delectable spread.


It wasn’t long before the first curious guest arrived, cautiously approaching the table but eventually settling onto the bench. It’s safe to assume that the squirrel was thoroughly enamored with its new dining spot.

Now, the squirrels have become regular visitors to the charming picnic table, making two daily trips to enjoy their meals and bask in the comfort of the miniature bench, just like humans.

Rick expressed his belief that the squirrels have developed a genuine fondness for their new dining area, stating, “I really believe they loved it.”


Beyond its function as a delightful dining spot for the squirrels, Rick strategically positioned the table outside the window where he enjoyed his morning coffee.

This placement allows him to share precious moments with the squirrels, fostering a unique connection between man and wildlife. Rick expressed his gratitude for the squirrels, stating, “I appreciate them, and they appreciate me.”

Rick Kalinowski’s creative and thoughtful gesture in creating the mini picnic table for squirrels serves as a heartening example of the bond that can be formed between humans and wildlife.


His backyard has become a haven for these furry creatures, where they are nourished and provided with a place to relax and enjoy the company of a caring individual.


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