VIDEO Adorable moment a baby elephant frolics in a river alongside his doting mother

A baby elephant frolics in a river alongside his adoring mother in a heartwarming moment.

A video filmed in Khwaeng Khlong Maha Nak, Bangkok, depicts the calf amusing himself in the water while his mother maintains a watchful eye on him.

He jumped in the water and rolled around causing a splash.

Watch the video below:

A local TV cameraman Channarong Tom Srisa-ard, 28, captured the area while visiting a conservation zone that promotes the humane treatment of elephants.

It’s weeks after a video emerged from the same region showing a cautious youngster how to roll around and have fun in the mud, with a ‘nanny’ elephant demonstrating to him.

The adult elephant dipped itself into the mud – covering all of its body, from top to bottom – while the baby elephant observed and learned. The calf fell straight onto the ground after the adult elephant led it there.

Filmed at the Elephant Nature Park in Thailand by Save the Asian Elephants volunteer Steph Snowdon, the calf walked towards the mud patch ready for wallowing.

The Save Asian Elephants (STAE) CEO, Duncan McNair, is a prominent lawyer and animal rights activist who shared the lovely video on Facebook.