Adorable Moment: Mama Elephant Teaches Baby to Blow Bubbles

In a heartwarming display of similarities between human toddlers and baby elephants, a two-week-old African elephant at Reid Park Zoo in Tucson, Arizona, captured visitors’ attention as she learned to play with water and blow bubbles.

The dedicated caretakers of the zoo created a water pool outside to assist the young elephant in discovering the wonders of her trunk.

Watch the video at the end.


Amidst the crowd of fascinated onlookers, particularly delighted children, the baby elephant showcased her playful nature. Accompanied by an adult elephant leisurely drinking water, the little one charted her path.

Rather than imitating the adult’s drinking habits, she embarked on an independent adventure, exhibiting a hint of rebellion.

While both elephants were safely within a protected area, the proximity to the water pool differed.


While the adult peacefully quenched her thirst from a distance, the curious baby elephant got up close to the pool, even encountering a slight mishap when her trunk became entangled in the enclosure wire.

Undeterred, her sole focus remained on the joy of playing with the water and blowing bubbles, reminiscent of a young child’s innocent excitement.

This enchanting moment captivated everyone at the zoo, as the baby elephant’s antics brought smiles to both young and old faces.


The endearing bond between the mama elephant and her newborn became evident as she gently guided and taught her little one the joys of life, from exploring water to creating playful bubbles.

Watch the video below:

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