Adorable Moments: Baby Elephants Enjoy a Playful Splash at Elephant Retreat Park

In the heart of Phuket’s Elephant Retreat Park in Thailand, a heartwarming scene unfolded as Fah Sai, an endearing baby elephant, reveled in the joy of bath time.

Both caretakers and spectators were enchanted by Fah Sai’s lively antics, observing with delight as he played and rolled in the tranquil waters, creating a charming spectacle.

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Initially tentative, the shy Fah Sai gradually grew more confident, showcasing increasing enthusiasm. With playful kicks and joyful splashes, he embraced every moment of his aquatic escapade.


A caregiver added to the merriment by sprinkling water on his back with a hose, encouraging Fah Sai to immerse himself in the experience fully.

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As Fah Sai’s excitement mounted, he ventured deeper into the water, causing it to spill over the tub’s sides.

Surprising onlookers, he fully submerged himself, unveiling his newfound love for water. His gleeful tumbles in the bathtub brought smiles to everyone present.


After the lively play, Fah Sai took a moment to catch his breath, draping his trunk over the tub’s edge, radiating contentment from his little face.

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Fah Sai’s carefree antics were a testament to the nurturing environment at the Elephant Retreat Park in Phuket, established by Mr. Adulwit Khamya.

The park serves as a sanctuary for eight elephants of varying ages, all receiving devoted care from a passionate team.


In contrast to the darker side of Thailand’s tourism industry, highlighted in comedian Joe Keogh’s documentary, “An Elephant Never Forgets,” the Elephant Retreat Park is committed to ethical treatment.

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Their website proudly declares a strict policy against riding, chaining, and physical abuse, focusing solely on the well-being of retired elephants.

Visitors and volunteers have a unique opportunity to collaborate with local Mahout people, contributing to the care of these majestic symbols of strength and serenity.


At the Elephant Retreat Park, the emphasis is on creating a fulfilling experience while championing the cause of these gentle giants.

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