Adorable Moments: Rare Albino Elephant Calf Joins Herd for Playful Mud Bath and Swim in South Africa’s Orphanage

In South Africa, HERD, the first elephant orphanage of its kind, stands as a sanctuary for orphaned elephants. The mission is clear: provide care and assimilate these young elephants into the Jabulani herd.

Recently, under the watchful eye of caretaker Owen, the herd members embarked on a delightful adventure. Among them was Khanyisa, a baby albino elephant, accompanied by her friend Timisa.

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Their destination? A refreshing mud bath. Assuredly, the vigilant allomothers – Kumbura, Klaserie, and Limpopo – kept close watch, ensuring the safety of the young ones as they reveled in play.

Image 230

Emerging from their mud-covered escapade, the herd convened at a nearby dam to rinse off the remnants of their muddy fun.

Khanyisa and Timisa displayed synchronized swimming prowess in this watery playground while comrades like Pisa and Somopane stood sentinel nearby.

Image 231

On the bank of the dam, Sebakwe and Mambo engaged in good-natured sparring, injecting the scene with delight. And then, there was Limpopo, a paragon of exhilaration as she embraced the joy of swimming in the dam’s cooling waters.

As the sun began its descent, the elephants gradually emerged from the water. In an exuberant gesture, Limpopo engaged Zindoga in a playful shove. And as the day waned, another opportunity for aquatic play awaited the herd, beckoning them to yet another refreshing dam.

HERD’s caretakers and its devoted owner Adine Roode have devoted their lives to safeguarding these orphaned elephants. Their dedication ensures the well-being of these majestic creatures, reminding us of the profound bond between humans and animals.


Through the shared moments of Khanyisa and her fellow herd members, a heartwarming tale unfolds – one that resonates deeply with animal enthusiasts across the globe.

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