Adorable Napping Elephant Calf Craves Treats Even While Dozing Off

Hoedspruit Elephant Rehabilitation and Development (HERD), South Africa’s premier Elephant Orphanage, has a remarkable history of caring for orphaned elephant calves.


The establishment owes its existence to Adine Roode, who has devoted her life to helping these vulnerable beings find solace in the Jabulani family.

In a recent interaction, Roode offered her online supporters a glimpse into the lives of the elephant clan inhabiting the lush grasslands surrounding the orphanage.


Among them, she introduced Khanyisa, a new addition to the group, who tragically fell victim to a snaring incident.

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Khanyisa, visibly at ease in her new home, had taken a liking to napping in the open field.

Kumbura, a seasoned clan matriarch, promptly attended to Khanyisa, displaying a maternal concern for the prone calf. Such behavior, the infant elephants reclining, was not customary for the older elephants.


Timisa, a fellow orphan and a previous addition to the HERD, hurried over to ensure Khanyisa’s well-being.

B1 Sleepy Baby Elephant Still Wants Snacks Even While Shes Lying Down

Both calves had been unfortunate victims of human-animal conflicts. These shared adversities created an unbreakable bond among the members, mostly comprised of orphans.

While Khanyisa continued her peaceful nap, the vigilant Timisa and Kumbura stood guard, aware of the possible dangers that could befall the resting calf. Even so, playful Timisa couldn’t resist interacting with her resting friend.


The older elephants maintained a serene watch over the young one, unperturbed yet cautious. Later, another member, Lundi, joined the protective circle.


Despite the slumbering calf being gently nudged by Timisa, Khanyisa remained in her dreamland.

Lundi made unsuccessful attempts to rouse Khanyisa. The adult elephants continued grazing, never straying far from the sleeping infant.


Eventually, the growing commotion spurred the rest of the clan to encourage the napping calf to rise. Even in her leisurely repose, Khanyisa managed to graze lazily.


After some time, she succumbed to the gentle coaxing and got up. It was indeed a tranquil and idyllic day for the small elephant calf.

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