Adorable Orphaned Seal Pup Bonds with Surfers at San Diego’s Tourmaline Surf Park

Tourmaline Surf Park in San Diego, California, is not just a popular surfing spot; it has also become a heartwarming meeting place for surfers and an orphaned seal pup.

Ed Hartel, a photographer and drone pilot, often captures footage of surfers in the area using his drone.

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One day, while flying the drone, he noticed something extraordinary – a young seal resting on a surfer’s board.

Intrigued, he returned the next day to find the seal still there, happily mingling with the surfers.

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The seal pup’s story is both tragic and touching. Witnesses revealed that it used to swim with its mother until a Great White Shark attacked and killed her.


The little seal managed to escape to safety but was left orphaned. Authorities were alerted to the situation, and concerned citizens called the City of San Diego and SeaWorld.

However, as seals are protected animals, the best decision was to let the healthy seal pup remain in the area.

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He would be periodically monitored to ensure his well-being and safety in the presence of humans.


The surfers at Tourmaline Surf Park have been remarkably cooperative and considerate of the adorable seal pup.

They allow him to swim among them and never disturb him when he hops on their boards, even if it means sitting still for extended periods.

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The wholesome interaction between the surfers and the seal pup is evident, and the little one seems to enjoy being around them.


As long as everyone cooperates with the authorities and treats the seal pup with care, he will likely remain a cherished member of the surfing community for a long time.

The real test now is whether the seal will learn to fish independently. Suppose his enthusiasm around the surfers is any indication.

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In that case, he may have already figured out how to feed himself, as he spends ample time surfing and enjoying the company of his new human friends.

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