Adorable panda can’t get down from a branch it was foraging on

This adorable panda is unable to climb down from a branch it was foraging on!

These photos were taken by Jutta Kirchner at Vienna Zoo, Austria.

The panda cub is seen lodged in a tree from which she was supposedly foraging.

It’s impossible to overstate how adorable these tiny pandas are! They’re so cute you’ll want to squeeze them, and the more I look at their faces, the cuter they get. But this one seems somewhat confused or scared when she realizes it’s a long way down!

This adorable panda appears to be waving for assistance from the photograph!

Jutta added, “She adores berries, and now when hawthorn is ripe, she performs acrobatic exercises to pluck the fruits from the tree.

“She nearly tumbled to the ground this time, but she was saved from falling by the tree branches.

This panda girl cub is Fu Feng; she was born in August this year and is now one year old.

“Pandas are one of my favorite animals in Schönbrunn – I love watching and photographing them!”