Adorable ‘Pele-phant’: Baby Elephant Shows Off Impressive Soccer Skills!

In an adorable display of talent, a baby Asian elephant named Luk Chai showcased his budding ball control abilities, much to the delight of his proud mother, at the Taronga Zoo in New South Wales, Australia.

Luk Chai appeared happy as he enthusiastically chased after a giant soccer ball in his paddock. His mother, Porntip, kicked the ball for him, and the little one wasted no time running after it, showing off his natural playfulness.

With a gleeful tumble, Luk Chai playfully engaged with the ball before skillfully returning it to his mother with a satisfying kick.


The heartwarming moments were captured by amateur photographer Renee Doyle, who was visiting the zoo with her family. She shared her excitement about Luk Chai, the first Asian elephant born in Australia, calling him personable and incredibly playful.

The keepers at the zoo have an incredible bond with the elephants, regularly interacting with them. Luk Chai’s playtime often involves the keeper rolling the ball toward him or even one of the adult elephants kicking the ball for him to chase.

Luk Chai’s endearing nature also extends to the water; he happily swims in the pool, pushing his ball around if it happens to roll in.


Renee expressed her joy at witnessing the elephants enjoying themselves with different toys and impressive balance moves, constantly feeling like they were wearing a smile. Luk Chai, in particular, seemed to relish the attention and the chance to run around and play.

The adorable scenes drew a crowd, as Luk Chai’s birth marked a significant milestone as the first baby elephant born in Australia. Everyone wanted to catch a glimpse of this young soccer prodigy in action!

With Luk Chai’s endearing antics and impressive skills, it’s no wonder he has captured the hearts of visitors and continues to bring joy to those who observe his playful nature at the Taronga Zoo.


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