Adorable Playtime: Young Elephant Turns Friend’s Back into a Playground

In a heartwarming scene captured at Kalawewa National Park in central Sri Lanka, a lively young elephant has been spotted engaging in playful antics by climbing onto its larger companion, turning the friend’s back into a whimsical playground.

Photographer Pathum Bandara, who seized the charming moment, expressed, “Baby elephants are known for their playful nature.

Image 120

While observing a herd of over 200 elephants, I witnessed these two indulging in some delightful mischief.


The little elephant seemed to be attempting a free ride as it comfortably rested on its companion’s back, flashing a cheeky smile in my direction.”

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Mr. Bandara, 34, shared his excitement, saying, “Capturing such a clear shot, with the elephants looking straight at the camera, is an honor for me.

The mischievous expression on the young elephant’s face adds a delightful charm to the image.”


This endearing snapshot showcases the joy and camaraderie within the elephant herd, providing a glimpse into the playful side of these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat.

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