Adorable Seal Demands Belly Rub from Scuba Diver in Unforgettable Encounter

Scuba diver Gary Grayson, 55, from Salford, Greater Manchester, experienced an incredible moment with a friendly seal during his week-long vacation on the Isle of Scilly with the Dive Life group. The curious seal let Grayson tickle its belly, creating a heartwarming scene.

The delightful underwater interaction was captured on video and has since gone viral, accumulating over 3,600 shares.

Grayson’s friend initially shared the footage with the caption, “People ask why I love diving… this is why.”


Watch the video at the end.

Gary Grayson, right, met the seal, left, while on a diving holiday off the coast of the Isle of Scilly.
During the encounter, the seal, right, allowed Mr. Grayson, left, to rub him on his stomach.

As an experienced diver, Grayson has explored waters off the coasts of Mexico, St Lucia, and Cuba, encountering crocodiles, dolphins, and sharks.

However, this unique and intimate encounter with the seal remains his most cherished memory. He frequently watches the video on his phone, sharing it with friends and recalling the unforgettable experience.

Before the encounter, Mr. Grayson was carrying his camera but passed it to a friend when the seal approached.
As well as rubbing the seal’s chest, the wild animal allowed Mr. Grayson to stroke him under the chin.

Grayson, who is now semi-retired after selling his haulage firm, has always been an adventure enthusiast. He started diving after trying skydiving, even parachuting into his wedding in the eighties.

Mr. Grayson, pictured, from Salford, Greater Manchester, said he will always cherish his time with the seal.

His semi-retirement has allowed him to dive into numerous locations worldwide, creating extraordinary memories like the one with the friendly seal off the Isle of Scilly.

Watch the video below:


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