Adorable Video: Elephant Calf Learns to Control Its Trunk in the First Year

Baby elephants take about a year to master using their trunks, and it’s a delightful process to watch. The trunk, located at the front of their faces, requires time and practice to use it effectively.

A heartwarming video on Instagram by TodΙ‘y YeΙ‘rs Old showcases a man feeding a young elephant calf. After finishing the meal, the calf starts walking swiftly and accidentally steps on its trunk.

The little elephant seems amazed by this unexpected occurrence. In the video, visitors can be seen closely observing the playful antics of the elephant.


The video’s caption reads, “I never considered this a possibility.” The clip was initially shared by Instagram user ReΙ‘gΙ‘n Anthony, who captured the adorable moment during a trip to Kenya.

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Since being reshared, the video has amassed over 4.4 million views and 2.2 lakh likes. The page also adds, “Fun fact: calves don’t learn to fully control their trunks until they’re about a year old.”

The internet community showed immense empathy for the elephant calf. Many users left endearing comments, with one person writing, “Someone cuddles him RIGHT NOW!” Another user likened the situation to “biting your tongue while eating,” emphasizing the calf’s discomfort.


Several users expressed concern for the little one, stating, “Aweeee, you can tell it hurt him so much. Lil poor baby,” while another user humorously remarked, “He looked around after embarrassed, like did anyone see that lol.

” The sensitivity of an elephant’s trunk was also highlighted by a commenter who said, “Damn, I know that hurt, as sensitive as their trunks are.”

According to National Geographic, this behavior of calves with their trunks is common, especially during their learning phase.


Elephant expert Joyce Poole suggested that it might be a type of displacement behavior, possibly due to the calf’s uncertainty about the social dynamics of the wallow. Young elephants swing their feet and twist their trunks when unsure about their next move.

Watching this adorable elephant calf learn to control its trunk is heartwarming and a fascinating glimpse into the early stages of an elephant’s life.

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