Adorable Video: Mama Elephant’s Heartwarming Lesson to Newborn – Learning to Stand

In the early stages of their lives, baby elephants often display awkward movements due to their developing balance and coordination.

Their reliance on maternal care is crucial during this time, as mother elephants play a significant role in guiding their young ones through various aspects of survival and adaptation in the wild.

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A viral video capturing a touching moment of a mother elephant assisting her newborn to stand up has captured hearts worldwide.

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The heartwarming video, shared on YouTube’s Latest Sightings channel on August 1, has become a sensation on social media.

Filmed by experienced field guide Brett Marneweck, the video showcases a rare and extraordinary sight: a mother elephant supporting her calf’s first attempts at standing just moments after its birth.


Brett, mindful of not causing any disturbance, observed the birth from a distance before filming the remarkable scene.

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The video captures the newborn elephant on a grassy field, struggling to stand alone. With each attempt, the calf’s efforts were met with stumbling.

The mother, determined to help her offspring, used her trunk and feet to nudge and support the calf’s attempts gently.


The baby elephant found its balance with the mother’s aid, leaning against her. However, its stance remained unsteady.

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Observing the mother’s actions, including briefly turning away from the calf and returning, Brett speculated that this might be the mother’s first experience. Mixed emotions of excitement, nervousness, and curiosity appeared to influence her behavior.

After a persistent struggle and unwavering maternal support, the baby elephant stood upright, initially relying on its mother for stability.


The heartwarming video prompted a wave of reactions on social media. Users were deeply touched by the scene, with comments ranging from tenderness to admiration for the mother elephant’s love and dedication.

Many couldn’t help but be moved by the sight of the duo’s bond and the determination displayed by both the mother and her calf.

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