Adventurous Baby Elephant’s Unbelievable Trek to a Living Room in South Africa

A baby elephant named Tom has captured hearts with her remarkable journey that led her into a living room in a private game reserve in South Africa.

After straying from her mother, this young calf traveled an astonishing thirty miles before finding herself in an unexpected place.

Image 200
Tom resting on the sofa after being fed

Francoise Malby Anthony and her team at the Thula Thula Private Game Reserve in Zululand experienced an extraordinary surprise when Tom, a ten-day-old female elephant, wandered into their living room.


The adorable calf, named after the chef who discovered her, had embarked on an incredible adventure that left her hungry, dehydrated and stressed.

Image 201
Tom after she was reunited with her mother

As Ms. Francoise recounted on the reserve’s Facebook page, they promptly provided Tom with nourishment and comfort while their rangers set out to locate her worried mother.

In a heartwarming twist, Tom was temporarily housed in Ms. Francoise’s residence, nestled within the vast expanse of the 4,500-hectare property.


A rescue strategy was formulated with the guidance of Alyson, the vet nurse, and David Bozas. Baby Tom was fed and cared for, eventually taking a well-deserved nap.

In a display of nature’s resilience, the gamekeepers successfully located Tom’s herd, reuniting her with her family around 1 am. Even after the heartwarming reunion, the spirited calf ran after the departing rescue vehicle.

Throughout the night, diligent monitoring ensured Tom’s safety and well-being. Ms. Anthony emphasized the mystery of how Tom ended up in their garden but highlighted the importance of her survival amid her extraordinary “wandering adventure” in the African wilderness.


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