Albino Baby Kangaroo Born, Resembling Its Rare White Father

A rare albino eastern grey kangaroo has been born at Panorama Garden Estate on the Mornington Peninsula, southeast of Melbourne.

The baby kangaroo inherited its snow-white appearance from its father, who has a unique genetic mutation.

An eastern grey kangaroo (left) has given birth to an albino kangaroo that looks just like his dad (right). Source: Daily Mail

Annemarie Van Rooy, the owner of the extraordinary kangaroo family, quickly noticed the new addition when the baby kangaroo peeked out of its mother’s pouch.


Due to the genetic mutation, the joey looks nothing like its mother, who has dark grey and brown fur.

The snow-white joey was born at Panorama Garden Estate on the Mornington Peninsula, southeast of Melbourne, last month. Source: Daily Mail

Instead, the baby kangaroo has lost pigmentation in its hair, eyes, and skin, making it completely white.

Panorama Garden Estate has a history of hosting albino kangaroos, with a mob of white and albino kangaroos living in the sanctuary.


Van Rooy shared that they acquired their first albino kangaroos from Border Town around eight years ago, and there are now about nine in the mob.

The albino kangaroo pops its head out of his mother’s pouch on the Mornington Peninsula on September 15. Source: Daily Mail

According to mammalogist Mark Eldridge, albino or white kangaroos occur in every 50,000 to 100,000 animals.

With an estimated 50 million kangaroos in Australia before the 2019-2020 bushfire season, there could be around 500 white or albino kangaroos in the country.


Albino animals often face challenges in the wild, such as poor eyesight affecting hunting and difficulty finding a mate.

Poachers may also target them. However, the baby kangaroo born at Panorama Garden Estate, owned by Annemaree and her husband Nick, is safe within the wildlife sanctuary.

The baby kangaroo’s fur is pure white compared to his mother’s dark grey and brown fur. The baby is seen in his mother’s pouch next to his father. Source: Daily Mail
The albino kangaroo’s head sticks out of his mother’s pouch at Panorama Garden Estate, southeast of Melbourne. Source: Daily Mail
There may only be about 500 white or albino kangaroos in Australia – and the animals are even rarer to spot in the wild. Source: Daily Mail
It is ‘quite rare’ to get reports of albino kangaroos and wallabies in the wild, according to Mark Eldridge. Source: Daily Mail
The albino kangaroo is seen in his mother’s pouch at Panorama Garden Estate. Source: Daily Mail
Albino kangaroos can have issues with hunting due to their poor eyesight, finding a mate, and staying away from predators. Source: Daily Mail
Mrs. Van Rooy and her husband, Nick, own the Panorama Garden Estate, which doubles as a wildlife sanctuary. Source: Daily Mail

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