Amazing Recovery: Injured Young Elephant’s Journey to Healing

In the expansive wilderness, a young bull elephant, accompanied by seven other magnificent bulls, carried the weight of a wounded existence.

The vigilant Olarro rangers came across this resilient soul with an arrow lodged in the right side of his flank and an injury on the medial side of his left shoulder.

Recognizing the situation’s urgency, they swiftly called the Mobile Veterinary Unit for help.


Skillful hands and precise operation were essential to ensure the elephant’s well-being.

To immobilize the young bull, a 12mg dose of Etorphine Hydrochloride was administered remotely through a 1.5ml dan-inject dart, all from the safety of a vehicle.

The full sedative effect took hold in just seven minutes, and the elephant assumed a sternal recumbency position in a small suitcase.


Examination revealed a recently lodged arrowhead on his right flank, which was gently removed.

On his left front leg, a septic wound, likely from a spear, was discovered. These wounds were meticulously cleaned with Hydrogen Peroxide and gauze swabs.

Thorough cleansing with clean water was followed by disinfection with a Tincture of Iodine. To aid in healing, Cloxacillin antibiotic ointment was carefully applied.


Further care included the administration of Amoxicillin antibiotics and Flunixin Meglumine anti-inflammatory medication.


The young bull was skillfully brought back to consciousness through intravenous administration of 36mg diprenorphine hydrochloride, and in just three minutes, he rejoined the company of his fellow big bulls.

The outlook for this tenacious young elephant is promising, with expectations of a full recovery.


This story showcases the compassion and dedication of individuals and organizations committed to ensuring the well-being of these magnificent creatures and reaffirms their rightful place in the wild.

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