Angelina Jolie Speaks Out Against Discrimination Faced by Daughter Zahara Due to Skin Color

In a candid interview with Time magazine, Angelina Jolie sheds light on the racial bias her daughter, Zahara, faces in healthcare settings.

Acting as an interviewer this time, Jolie engaged with Malone Mukwende, a medical student, discussing racial disparities in the medical field.

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During the conversation, Jolie recounted a distressing incident at the hospital where her daughter Zahara was being treated.


She expressed frustration at the medical system’s lack of consideration for patients of diverse ethnic backgrounds, emphasizing how even simple observations become challenging due to racial bias.

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Reflecting on her daughter’s recent surgery, Jolie revealed a troubling encounter with a nurse who instructed her to monitor Zahara’s skin for turning ‘pink,’ a task complicated by Zahara’s skin color, unlike that of white patients.

Jolie’s revelation sparked widespread outrage on social media, with many expressing solidarity with her and condemning the discrimination Zahara faced. The incident underscores the pervasive nature of racial bias, even in environments where one would expect equitable treatment.


Beyond this specific incident, Jolie has long voiced concerns about Zahara’s integration into a society that continues to discriminate against people of color.

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She celebrates Zahara’s Ethiopian heritage, acknowledging her as an extraordinary African woman and emphasizing her connection to her roots.

Zahara’s adoption by Jolie in 2005 from Ethiopia, where she was orphaned by parents infected with HIV, highlights the star’s commitment to humanitarian causes.


Inspired by her mother’s activism, Zahara actively engages in charity work and humanitarian efforts, showcasing her resilience and determination to make a difference.

In a world where discrimination persists, Jolie’s advocacy for her daughter is a poignant reminder of the importance of challenging systemic biases and fostering inclusivity in all aspects of society.

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