Angelina Jolie’s Heartwarming Childhood Moments with Her Mother Revealed in Rare Photos

A series of touching photographs revealing Angelina Jolie’s early years with her family, particularly her mother, have recently surfaced, evoking nostalgia and admiration among viewers.

Shared by Marie Miles, Jolie’s goddaughter, these images highlight the striking resemblance between Angelina and her late mother, Mrs. Marcheline Bertrand.

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Angelina, depicted as a playful child, is shown engaging in everyday childhood activities alongside her mother. The images offer a glimpse into the bond between the two, with Mrs. Bertrand cherishing moments spent with her beloved daughter.


Describing Angelina at four and a half years old, Miles fondly notes, “She is the one who gives his mother the purest love.” Reflecting on Angelina’s younger sister, James, at two and a half years old, Mrs. Bertrand expresses pride in her daughters’ beauty and charm.

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Mrs. Marcheline Bertrand, in her correspondence with her goddaughter, shares tender details about her daughters’ lives. She recounts moments of joy, such as the girls sleeping with their backs to each other and embracing while practicing dancing.

Additionally, Mrs. Bertrand reveals her daughters’ aspirations, with Jamie learning to play the piano and Angelina aspiring to become an actress.


The affection between Angelina and her mother shines through as they discuss Christmas gifts for Mrs. Bertrand. Jamie expresses her desire to craft a unique sled bed for her mother, ensuring she can sleep on it during family trips to the snowy mountains, while Angelina plans to give her mother flowers that will never fade.

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Their heartfelt gestures serve as a testament to the enduring bond shared within the family. These endearing snapshots offer a glimpse into the cherished memories of Angelina Jolie’s childhood, immortalizing the love and connection she shared with her mother, Mrs. Marcheline Bertrand.

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