Angelina Jolie’s Pride in Eldest Son Maddox: Why Pax Thien’s Low Profile?

In an exclusive interview with Entertainment Tonight, Angelina Jolie couldn’t contain her pride while discussing her eldest son, Maddox, stating, “I’m very happy for Maddox because he grew up to be such a good man.”

Describing him as intelligent and hard-working yet still maintaining his unique personality, Jolie emphasized Maddox’s ability to maintain balance in life.

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Recently, Angelina happily reunited with Maddox, praising him for his independence from home. However, while promoting her new film, while Jolie appeared with her children, Pax Thien’s presence was notably less visible than other family members.


Although Pax Thien did attend the red carpet event at the El Capitan theater in Los Angeles on September 30 alongside his mother and siblings, subsequent movie premieres in Italy, Tokyo, and London saw minimal or no appearances with Angelina.

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While Jolie always brings her children on her work trips abroad, Pax Thien’s absence has raised questions.

According to a source speaking to HollywoodLife, since the kids have already made appearances with Angelina at significant events, repeated appearances may not be necessary.


Described as a reserved individual who prefers behind-the-scenes work over the spotlight, Pax Thien is known to be pampered by Angelina, as evidenced by his recent appearance in a fish costume worth nearly 100 million VND at an event.

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Despite Pax Thien’s low profile, Angelina cherishes the companionship of her children, emphasizing the significance of their unity and mutual care.

Their presence not only alleviates her loneliness but also serves as a source of motivation for her to strive to be the best mother possible.

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