Angelina Jolie’s Startling Appearance Raises Concerns: Fans Worried Over Drastic Weight Loss

Angelina Jolie, accompanied by her daughter Zahara, was recently spotted strolling through Beverly Hills, California, in her typical understated attire, flanked by a bodyguard for security. However, all eyes were on her as this marked her first public appearance since joining Instagram.

What caught the attention of netizens, though, was Jolie’s alarmingly frail figure, which some likened to a walking skeleton.

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Her skeletal hands, revealed when she gestured, further heightened concerns among fans. Despite her tall stature, Jolie’s ongoing weight loss has left her looking almost ethereal, as if a mere gust of wind could knock her off balance.


With each movement, particularly when she raised her hand, viewers couldn’t help but worry about the fragility of the mother of six.

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Before this outing, Jolie had made a discreet visit to a California hospital, where she spent approximately six hours.

Shortly after her departure, her daughters Vivienne, Shiloh, and Zahara were seen arriving at the hospital to visit their mother.


A poignant moment ensued as Angelina and her mother shared a heartfelt embrace, prompting speculation about the gravity of her health condition.

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According to a source cited by Star magazine, “Angelina only eats half a salad and a bowl of fruit every day. The Jolie-Pitt kids find her too skinny.

When Angie is worried or sad, she doesn’t want to eat anything.” This concerning pattern of weight loss has raised alarms among her six children and a multitude of concerned viewers regarding Angelina’s well-being.

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