Angelina Jolie’s Tearful Farewell: Dropping Son Maddox Off at College

Angelina Jolie, the renowned actress and activist, was recently captured in a heartfelt moment as she bid farewell to her eldest son, Maddox, on his first day at Yonsei University in South Korea.

In an Instagram video shared by Jolie, she is seen interacting with students at the university while trying to hold back tears.

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Expressing her emotions, Jolie revealed, “Today is the day I drop him off,” indicating the significant milestone in Maddox’s life.


Despite her efforts to stay composed, the Oscar winner admitted, “I’m trying not to cry,” as she held her hand to her chest, visibly moved by the momentous occasion.

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Maddox, 18, is embarking on his academic journey to study biochemistry at Yonsei University, a decision he made after careful consideration.

Photos capturing their arrival at the university campus depict a mother-son duo exploring the surroundings with officials.


According to sources close to the family, Maddox had been diligently preparing for this transition, demonstrating his commitment by studying the Korean language intensively in anticipation of his move to the Asian country.

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As Angelina Jolie embraces this new chapter in her son’s life, her emotional farewell resonates with parents worldwide, marking the bittersweet experience of seeing their children embark on independent paths toward higher education and adulthood.

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