Australian Veterinary Clinic Saved Rare Golden Possum Looking Like Pikachu

Possums are commonly seen in forests and dense habitats, but have you ever seen a rare golden possum? Their color is due to a rare mutation that causes the skin to have minimal melanin.

While it looks eye-catching, that doesn’t really make them fair in the wild. When you have a bright yellow color, it is difficult to hide from predators, so it is not a good characteristic of any animal that lives in the wild.

We have all been taught that there are no fairies and no cartoons at some point in our lives. We have proof that they are all wrong. The cutest baby Possum has been located in Australia, and the Internet is certain that he is Pikachu after additional investigations without any cover-up.

Fortunately, a concerned member of the public found Pikachu lying on the ground. She was only a baby – about five months old – and it is believed that it probably fell off her mother’s back. Her rescuer took her to Melbourne’s Boronia Veterinary and Animal Hospital (BVCAH).

She belongs to a species of Possum called Brushtail possum. These possums tend to be a bit gray, but the little Pikachu has a genetic abnormality that means there isn’t enough melanin pigment. It’s the same pigment that causes dark eyes, hair, and skin. This condition has put the authorities in a difficult position as they cannot survive in the wild as their prey can easily detect them.

Scientists already knew that the species existed, although they had never rescued one before. Their discovery on social media has become quite famous for its resemblance to popular Pokémon species.

The Pikachu has been evaluated by vets and placed in the care of a wildlife caretaker, although he is a little scared. Veterinarian Dr. Stephen Reinisch said that Pikachu is just one nickname because giving her a legitimate name could make her caregiver too connected. That wouldn’t be a great idea because they are planning to release the animal back into the wild it is fit enough.

There are more golden possums out there, and they are the cutest little creatures ever.


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